When You Least Expect It

Caroline Parker knows three things to be true. First, she is going to be Boston’s most sought after divorce attorney by thirty-five. Second, given how terrible her romantic track record is, falling in love isn’t in the cards for her. And third, Christmas only brings her bad luck – being broken up with not once, not twice, but three times during the holidays is proof enough of that.

When she runs into Hannah Dalton on Christmas Eve, she has no reason to believe her luck will change. After all, though Hannah is probably the most gorgeous woman she’s ever seen, she’s also straight. And married to Caroline’s work rival.

While being hired by Hannah throws her for a loop, winning a divorce case and sticking it to her ex-colleague should be enough of a thrill. But as the months slip by, bringing her closer to both Hannah and her adorable daughter Abbie, the lines between attorney and client begin to blur. And she could have never predicted just how much she wants them to.

About The Author

Haley Cass

Haley lives in Massachusetts, where she has a love/hate relationship with the weather extremities but would also hate to live somewhere without fall foliage. She spends most of her time watching too much television with her friends and thinking about the future.

Her mother likes to talk about the time she wrote her first story while sitting under the kitchen table for privacy. Twenty years later, she still likes to write but is slightly too tall to sit under the kitchen table.

You can follow her on Twitter (@HaleyCass1) for any updates or to pop by for any conversation!

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